Mendota Heights Business Profile: Pace’s Tire & Service Center


Mendota Heights Business Profile: Pace’s Tire & Service Center



The Pace brothers, Bob and Ken are following in their grandfather and father’s footsteps.

“Our grandfather and dad started with a small gas station and two service bays in the 1960s,” said Bob. “My brother Ken and I have built the business over the years to be a very successful gas station, now with six service bays.”

Bob started working part-time at the shop when he was 13. “My mom would bring me into work on the weekends and after school,” said Bob. “When I turned 16, I started working full-time in the summer, and as much as possible during the school year. I knew at a young age that I wanted to follow in the Dad’s footsteps and take over the business and work on cars when I became older.” His brother Ken started at the business 38 years ago in 1982. Ken says, “over the years there have been so many funny stories, I could write a book!”


“In the auto repair industry integrity is everything! There is a stigma when it comes to auto repair that can be overly negative. I make a point to let new customers know that I am the owner and I have to sleep at night,” said Bob. “Trust is everything and I would never put that into doubt with any customer.” “We have done business the same way for 60 years, and there are no plans to change that,” said Ken.


Bob has been married to Patty for 33 years. They have two daughters, Brittany, and Courtney. Patty is a master physical trainer and both daughters are currently working to finish their master’s degrees. Bob currently serves on the West Saint Paul city council as well. Ken is married to his high school sweetheart, Colleen, for 29 years. They have two adult sons, Cory and Kole, four beautiful grandchildren and two lovable Yorkie puppies.


“We get approached weekly by companies looking for us to spend advertising dollars with them,” said Bob. “Being such a community orientated business, we made the choice to donate to all the local churches and community organizations with free oil change gift certificates and other monetary donations, instead of sending that money out of the community.” Their grandfather’s and father’s dedication to this business inspired them to follow in their footsteps. “What do I enjoy the most about work? EASY! It is the customers and relationships over all the years!” said Bob. “My biggest inspiration in life is my family, dealing with the public and meeting new people,” said Ken. “We want to provide honesty, quality work to our community.”

Pace’s Tire and Service Center is an honest, full-service car and truck diagnostic and repair service. According to the co-owners and brothers, Bob & Ken Pace, they provide families and businesses in the community with quality car and truck repair.

“Our customer is our company,” said Bob. “Our philosophy is to provide, honest, fair value in every repair we do.”

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Third generation Bob & Ken Pace are the present owners of the gas station and automotive business started in 1960 by their father and grandfather, Dave and Chuck Pace.

Brothers Bob & Ken, who bought the business in 2001, they know the business from top to bottom having grown up assisting with everything from sweeping floors and pumping gas, to learning all about today’s sophisticated vehicles.


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